John Wesley ein Freimaurer?

Manche behaupten John Wesley wäre Freimaurer gewesen. Nach nur bischen Recherche wird klar, daß das nicht stimmt - und kennt man Wesley auch nur ein wenig, dann weiß man auch ohne Recherche, daß das nur Afterreden sind. Die frommen Lügner die das behaupten, behaupten das auch weiter, wenn man sie auf deren Irrtum hinweist - irre. Ein anderer meinte, Wesley wäre dogmatischer Wegbereiter der Geistestaufegewesen, er konnte mir bis dato aber keine Quellen dazu nennen - auch nach dreimaliger Nachfrage. So siehtes eben oft aus mit der Wahrheit unter den ernannten "Bibeltreuen".

1) June 17, 1703 - March 2, 1791
Anglican clergyman and founder, with his brother Charles, of the Methodist movement.
Contrary to some reports, he was not a freemason. There was a John Wesley made a Master Mason in Union Lodge of St. Patrick No 367, Downpatrick, Ireland on October 13, 1788. It is true that the Rev. John Wesley visited Downpatrick on June 11-5, 1778, returning on June 10, 1785, June 12, 1787, and June 10,1789. But the Rev. John Wesley’s diaries record that he was in Wallingford, near London, on October 13, 1788.
His nephew, Samual Wesley was admitted to the Craft in the lodge in Downpatrick on December 17, 1788, later becoming the first Grand Organist of the Grand Lodge of England in 1812.
Lodge records, Folio 115 and Wesley’s Journal as noted in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum. vol LXV, 1902, p. 102-7.

In the Wisconsin Masonic Journal we find it stated that John Wesley, the Founder of Methodism was made a Mason in Downpatrick Lodge #36, in Ireland, on October 30, 1738. However, according to Brother Alphonse Cerza writing for the Masonic Service Association, a thorough investigation of this statement was made by Brother W. J. Chetwode Crawley who says: "Reviewing the circumstances of the supposed initiation of the Reverend John Wesley ... we are driven to the conclusion that the idea is altogether illusory, and based on a palpable confusion of identity." Also, the Reverend Wesley's diaries prove that he was in England on the night another John Wesley was made a Mason in Downpatrick, Ireland. (3) (5) (2)

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Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - Part 2 - von Von Albert G. Mackey,H. L. Haywood

WESLEY, REVEREND JOHN. On many occasions the claim has been made that John Wesley, born June 17, 1703, died March 2, 1791, founder of Methodism, was a member of a Lodge at. Downpatrick, Ireland. These assertions were carefully examined by Brother W. J. Chetwode Crawley in volume xv, 1902, Transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, and his opinion is as follows: "Reviewing the circumstances of the supposed initiaton of the Reverend John Wesley in the Lodge at Downpatrick, we are driven to the conclusion that the idea is altogether illusory, and based an a palpable confusion of identity. Equally convincing is the truth that the veritable John Wesley had not been admitted to the Craft at any time previous to his visit to Ballymena, in June, 1773, and that, up to the seventieth year of bis age, he entertained but a dubious opinion of Freemasonry and its secrets. This last consideration compels us to the further inference that he did not join the Craft at any subsequent period of his life. Otherwise, the surprising change of opinion involved would not fail to have been chronicled in his copious and accurate journals and diaries" (see also Wesley's Journal, authorized edition, volume iii, page 500).